The Greentown relegation Ying positive Luneng the Hongyun or for the FA Cup title race to stay in force

23. srpna 2012 v 12:41
Last night, the 2012 Toshiba China FA Cup expand the semi-final first leg of the contest, Shandong Luneng away 1:1 draw Guizhou and Guangzhou Hengda 1-0 home victory over Liaoning Hongyun , but to pay the cost of two generals Shuai and Barrios injured.

Compared League contention FA Cup winner is a shortcut to play the AFC, Guizhou and not only out of the huge bonuses of thousands of yuan, after winning every key players can get 4 bottles of Maotai 30 Year Old, it is learned that the wine The market price per bottle is nearly two million.

Finding must be brave husband, opening only 42 seconds, Guizhou foreign aid Reuben pole broke, but the the recent state fiery Mrs Wang the second half to tie the game for the super. 83 minutes, Qu Bo penalty kick missed. In another game, the first 82 minutes Gao Lin also missed a penalty, but fortunately Prior Hengda by Zhao Xuri long-range break, the final 1-0 victory over Liaoning.

Is worried about the prospects for the team relegation the Greentown fans also are very concerned about these two games. The fans Luneng returned home to qualify for the FA Cup final hope, hope that the league can "take care of" Greentown an.Liaoning team Sipin Hengda home on September 26, 22 and the Super League competition in Greentown will retain power.

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