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Lang Ping to talk about women's volleyball Xuanshuai: Cai Bin good Yangshuai do not understand the Chinese team

17. listopadu 2012 v 4:09
Yesterday when talking about the Chinese women's volleyball team Xuanshuai this hot topic, Guangdong Hengda women's volleyball coach Lang Ping said the Beijing women's volleyball coach Cai Bin, is a good candidate, former FIVB President Wei Jizhong recommended "handsome" and may not be suitable for Chinese team.
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The upcoming Chinese women's volleyball coach candidates took office at the beginning of next year is a major concern of the domestic volleyball circle hot spot, although I am not a "coming out" means Lang Ping, but the love of the Chinese women's volleyball team, she is still very concerned about the matter. In her view, the high voice Cai Bin is a good candidate,
cheap snapbacks create, Beijing women's volleyball team made rapid progress and is one of the popular teams of the Women's Volleyball League this season, to prove that he is a capable coach. " Cai Bin, give time only win can not lose the world which team is the situation such as the Chinese team? important to improve the overall level. "

Former FIVB President Wei Jizhong, the Chinese women's volleyball team a "handsome," the idea, and get a lot of support from fans. But the world PaiTan well traveled Lang Ping, handsome and may not be suitable for the Chinese women's volleyball:, 'I do not necessarily understand the Chinese team, the first language, I am a translator to say that communication between the coaches and players is very important. what methods you can try, but (this) is not necessarily the best women's volleyball team provinces and cities coach can be in the standard training methods have advantages, the Olympic Games, though they do not get a license, but the world can ask a teacher to supplement add new ideas, direct foreign teachers play is not necessarily the best. 8 years,
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